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RightPath4 Ltd have written this programme to help you plan continual improvement in your practice and as a guidance as to how the CQC may implement the new phase of dental assessment and inspection starting in April 2015. The company makes no claims, guarantees or promises that the advice you choose to take will always lead to the desired outcome. RightPath4 Limited can in no way guarantee or be responsible for outcomes resulting from the use and implementation of information provided by RightPath4 Limited.

Much of the material is based upon personal experience of conducting CQC inspections, draft legislation and pilot inspections. We hope that you will find this helpful. RightPath4 Limited reserves the right to amend, change and alter this document without notice to you at any time it deems proper to do so. This document should be only be used as part of ongoing improvements to your CQC obligations and compliance in conjunction with other training and resources available to Registered Providers. No guarantee is given and no responsibility will be accepted for changes you decide to make or judgement decisions by CQC inspectors which vary from those expected within this document.

Improvement and regulatory compliance is a journey rather than a destination and RightPath4 encourage you to share your experiences with us and by so doing enhance the service we provide to patients, the duty we have towards our staff, the value of our businesses and of course the efficacy and proportionality of our Regulators.

None of the above exclusions and limitations is intended to limit any rights you may have under statute or statutory instruments.

Diana Hayes CEO RightPath4 Ltd